Gaby Rico - FESTIBA 2016 Featured Artist


Gaby Rico was born on January 2, 1979, in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico. She now lives in Edinburg, Texas, USA. Rico is a self taught artist who began painting in 2006. Rico has exhibited art work in multiple cities across the Rio Grande Valley, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Italy.

I’ve always marveled at the diversity and the beauty of all things around me.
— Gaby Rico

Rico is a music lover who is living her dream of creating art to share with those around her. Gaby Rico continuously pushes to get stronger and fearless by simply daring to live without judgment from others around her. She chooses to live by her two Golden Guidelines: Respect and Responsibility. 

I love creating; when I paint, I forget who I am and it is not about me, it is about being what I feel. It is about naturally flowing with the endless universe.
— Gaby Rico

Rico’s intention through her art work is to manifest and share all kinds of inspirations that she perceives to mold her into the woman she is today. She calls her art a document of sorts, a social self-portrait, where each one of her paintings forms part of her interpretation of her own life reality. Rico’s ability develops through personal diligence by practicing her artistic talent continuously and always striving for the best that she has to offer. The manner in which she tends to execute her paintings can be described within an array found between Abstract and Expressionism, despite the admittance of transcending the established rules. Gaby Rico often intends to provoke visual pleasure no-boundaries in her work. Rico loves mixed technique approaches because of the sense of absolute freedom while creating art, and the endless richness from materials and perceptions that result in nourishing the eyes and the soul. “We are all part of the beauty of the universe; enjoy life.”