The Edinburg Arts Foundation


who we are

The Edinburg Arts Foundation mission is to provide inspiring cultural and artistic experiences for the Edinburg Community through advocacy and economic support.

The Edinburg Arts Foundation advocates for the growth of the local creative industry by increasing awareness of the impact and value of the arts and culture to Edinburg and the South Texas Region by enriching the quality of life of all residents.

The Edinburg Arts Foundation financially support the efforts of the Edinburg Cultural Arts Division which hosts quality of life events for the community free or at an accessible cost. The events focus on literacy, education, and history such as the Festival of International Books and Art where children leave the festival with at least 1 book. The South Texas International Film Festival which brings in Rio Grande Valley natives who are successful in Hollywood that inspire young students and brings community pride to RGV residents while providing all workshops and events free to the community. The Edinburg Arts Foundation is 501(c)3 non-profit organization that fundraises and seeks out sponsorships to fund and support all current events the Cultural Arts department hosts. The Cultural Arts Division believes the arts is for everyone and  should be accessible for everyone which is why all events are free so that those who can afford or can't afford can enjoy the event and improve their quality of life regardless of economic standing while improving our community’s social infrastructure.

Our goals are to empower the community and provide awareness of culture. We empower attendees by providing workshops and panels free to the community. By doing this we instill knowledge and provide the opportunity for the community to have a voice in the panel discussions. We make the South Texas community aware of culture through our cultural programs that inform the residents of the various ethnic groups in our region like the Philipino, Indian, African-American, Polish, Vietnamese...etc by providing programs that highlight the different cultures while promoting equity in our community.