June 10th

Culture Fest is proud to highlight and celebrate the beautiful diversity of the Philippines. In an effort to embrace all cultures residing in South Texas, Culture Fest promotes awareness and creates a path for mutual understanding and appreciation of heritage differences. Edinburg Arts directs its effort to promote togetherness and create a higher level of congruity amongst residents of South Texas. This annual festival invites you to enjoy a glance at the culture of this enchanting island country in Southeast Asia. Join us at the Edinburg Municipal Courtyard as we gather for a night of food, dance, live music and art all attributing to the lovely country of the Philippines.  

Please ensure you have a TAX PERMIT before applying as an Edinburg Arts Vendor. Click HERE to apply for free!

Art Vendors

Art vendors are dedicated artists who are ready to display and distribute original works, in any media, at their own selected pricing.

Food Vendors

As a Festival-participating Food Vendor, you will have the freedom of creating your unique food display and offering a one-of-a-kind menu for our community members to enjoy.

Artisan Vendors

Artisans offer personally crafted creations of all sorts, including but not limited to, skilled handmade goods, delicate fine art and custom-made instruments.