ART_oLoGy Painting and  Artology 1.2 were created with the everyday adult in mind. Our mission is to provide a supportive and fun environment in approach to the creation of art work. ART_oLoGy courses are ideal for those who wish to express their artistic abilities in a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. Classes are taught by Cultural Arts Manager, Magdiel Castle.

ART_oLoGy Drawing was designed for the artistic adult individual. Our mission is to further develop artistic literacy by providing a progressively educational approach to the formation of art. Through the use of varying art media and innovative academic techniques, this ART_oLoGy program aims to expand basic knowledge of artistic fundamentals. The class is taught by Cultural Arts Manager, Magdiel Castle


Select from below the class you wish to register for. ART_oLoGY Painting and ART_oLoGY 1.2 are the same class, just on different dates. Please do not sign up for both painting classes.